Independentistas del BNG se oponen a respaldar la investidura de Sánchez, según comunicado

Independentistas del BNG se oponen a respaldar la investidura de Sánchez, según comunicado

SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, 25 Oct. - Movemento Arredista, an independentist organization integrated into the BNG, has released a statement defending its position of "not supporting" Pedro Sánchez's investiture due to the "breaches" of the PSOE regarding the majority of the previous legislature's agreement.

"For dignity and coherence, we believe that we cannot support a new government of the PSOE," states the public statement, leaving the door open for the Galician nationalists to abstain in the investiture debate of Sánchez, a stance that has also been suggested by the leadership, warning that the Bloque will not give "a blank check".

The arredistas explain that the PSOE "breached a majority of the investiture agreement signed in 2020 with the BNG". "This should make us draw conclusions and not pretend to obtain different results if we choose to act the same way now," they argue.

In addition, they point out that this government "deceived many of the expectations created and failed to fulfill its promises regarding the recovery of rights that were cut back in previous legislatures". They cite the well-known Gag Law and the labor reform (which was not fully repealed, but was modified) as examples.

The independentist organization understands that "not only were the agreements not fulfilled, but there were setbacks" and states that "the minimum demand", for a matter of "dignity", would be the fulfillment of what was previously agreed. "However, this goes far beyond what the PSOE is willing to accept," they warn.

In the same statement, the Movemento Arredista, of which regional deputy Noa Presas is a member, also states that institutional action "must be consistent with the electoral program" and with the characterization they make of the PSOE and what is defended in the streets.

"It is necessary to use state institutions as a platform for popular demands, as a space for denouncing the regime, and as a lever for advancing our sovereign and transformative project," they add, indicating that "for these reasons, we believe that, for dignity, coherence, and to be able to develop a position that meets the demands and expectations of our people (while avoiding leaving that field open to the right and the far right), the BNG should not be part of the support base for this government.